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It was a day filled with happiness and a sense of pride for the esteemed guests, stakeholders and winners of the annual SJS Moseneke Foundation awards ceremony, which took place on the 5th of March 2016 at the Saulsville Arena in Atteridgeville.

The SJS Moseneke Educational Foundation is named after the late Samuel John Sedise Moseneke who dedicated over 45 years of his life as an educator. The Educational Foundation was launched three years ago to support and promote excellence in the profession of teaching by empowering educators to be the best in their field.

Presenters, Penny Lebyane and Kabelo ‘KB’ Ngakane, oversaw the smooth running of the programme by keeping guests entertained and ensured that speakers and performers kept to their allocated times.

Each year the awards have different categories presented under a different theme, and this year’s theme was “Inciting Excellence”.

There were 49 teachers who scooped awards in the categories of Service award, Recognition award, Achievers award, Ideal Educator award, Favourite Educator award, Legendary award, People’s Choice award and School of the Year award.

Other categories added this year to accommodate more teachers included the Excellence, Hero, Overall Excellence, Sports Achievers and Stalwarts awards.

Mr Mike Masango, the Principal of Edward Phatudi Comprehensive, was awarded the Ideal Educator award, and explained that this initiative has not only benefitted teachers, but the entire student body because the SJS Moseneke Educational Foundation along with the Encha Group goes to schools and motivate learners, the focus being especially Grade 12 learners.

“I feel great and I feel motivated, it’s as if I can go back to the classroom and teach again now because somebody somewhere is looking at us and recognising us for the job well done, so I’m saying bravo to the SJS Moseneke Educational Foundation for recognising teachers. Teachers need to be recognised for their diligent work”, said Principal Masango.

The SJS Moseneke Educational Foundation has partnered with Encha Group and The City of Tshwane. “These awards have been getting bigger and bigger every year. More and more companies are getting on board as co-sponsors of the awards. And we hope that at the end of all of this we will have more teachers motivated who occupy the position in society that they so richly deserve”, said the Chairman of Encha group Mr Tiego Moseneke.

The selection criterion is done by a committee of all the principals in Atteridgeville. This committee chooses all the teachers and look at the empirical results that they produce in their schools. “We look at the results of the students and we can see that this teacher has produced so many distinctions in this particular subject, then we recognise that teacher is an outstanding teacher in that subject, because the real purpose is that the teachers must do well so that the kids must get distinctions” added Mr Moseneke.

One of the highlights of the day was the Girl Guides and the Boy Scouts processions and presentation of their promises and oaths. This is part of Encha Group’s investment in young people from Atteridgeville who are trained responsible citizenship, character development, and self-reliance through participating in a wide range of outdoor activities and educational programmes.

Most of the sponsors of the SJS Moseneke Foundation are from Atteridgeville. Mr Metja Ledwaba from the Ledwaba Mazwai Attorneys, which co-sponsors the Foundation, said it was an easy decision to make when he was approached by the original founders of the Foundation to be one of the co-sponsors. “The Foundation knew that I wouldn’t have two thoughts about funding since I am from Atteridgeville, my parents are teachers from here both Principals, they taught me life and anything that has to do with education, so with me it was an obvious choice”, added Mr Ledwaba

On her speech Mrs Koketso Moseneke, one of the Directors from Encha Group said the Foundation believes that education is the anchor and cornerstone of the world; it is through education that we can win the fight against poverty, crime and even mental enslavement. She further explained that principals and teachers are their first line of defence and if they are motivated, enthusiastic and willing, then the fight is as good as won.

“Our motto and the vision that drives this whole Foundation is that ‘a motivated teacher motivates a student’. Everyone has an educator that they credit with various choices they have made in their lives, we aim to recognise, applaud and reward the importance of educators in our lives,” said Mrs Moseneke.

Going forward the Foundation hopes the programme cannot only be an Atteridgeville initiative but can be a model which is rolled throughout the country.

Mr Moseneke explained that this initiative is important because education is a tool in which we can pull out many of our young people in our country out of poverty. It is the only way where we can be a better organised and a more efficient, more humane society. He further noted that the more educated our people are, the less violence we will have in our society. So it’s a wonderful thing that we must strive to see that as many of our young people are as educated as possible because we would pull all of those people out of poverty. And that’s what we do to create a more equal and a more prosperous society for all not for just a few people.

There was a sense of optimism about the future and sustainability of the SJS Moseneke Educational Foundation and the award ceremony. Besides the annual award ceremony, the Foundation is also involved with other stakeholders in organising seminars where teachers are invited to courses to make sure that they are well equipped and updated on what the schools are doing.

The principal of Holy Trinity, Mr A Castelyn who has been involved with the Foundation since its inception in 2012 said these awards are important for the community because this is a way to motivate educators to achieve better results. “We should not look at individual schools but we should look at the whole community,” said Mr Castelyn.

The event saw 27 teachers getting awards for achieving distinctions in subjects such as Sepedi, Life Orientation, Maths Literacy and History.

“I hope in the fullness of time we can do it throughout the country but at the moment we are concentrating on the schools in Atteridgeville, it is creating a great spirit in the schools here, you can see the great spirit between the teachers and the students in the schools and the students literally receive the teachers as rock stars as they collect their awards, which is the way it should be if the teachers are going to be effective in teaching our young people,” says Mr Moseneke.

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